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Special Program for International Students, Shimane University

Convite da Shimane University

I am pleased to inform you of our special program for international students which offers 
a degree of Master or Doctor of Science and Engineering from our University.

Please access to our URL


I hope that you will be interested in this program, and I would be appreciative if you release 
this information to your students or research workers. We plan to accept five international 
students (three students: Master course, two students: Doctor  course) out of the candidates
from various countries. Application should reach Shimane University for the designated period.

All correspondence concerning admission and further inquiries should be sent to the address 
given below.


Admissions Division,

Shimane University

1060 Nishikawatsu, Matsue

690-8504, Japan

FAX:  +81-(0)852-32-6059

E-mail: sad-nyushi03@office.shimane-u.ac.jp


To avoid the possibility of our mistaking your e-mail as SPAM-mail, and so that we can 
reply to you promptly, please write the text “Special Program for International Students, Shimane 
University” in the Subject Line of your message.


Sincerely yours,


Koichi HIGO

Vice President

Shimane University

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